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Marketing for Accountants

Specialist Marketing for the Accountancy Profession.

Specialist Client Acquisition for the Accountancy Profession

Our accountant's toolkit contains a mix of processes for lead generation and also processes to assist with conversions into paying clients. All the processes used are proven to win additional business for accountancy practices.

At Marketing 4 Results we've worked with numerous Accountants, Solicitors and other professional services organisations and have pulled together all the strategies that work into a simple to use "toolkit".

A Brief Overview of the Toolkit

We use nine different marketing methods to generate new leads for your business: you can use all 9 concepts or we can customise the package for you.

  • A series of 5 branded HTML emails delivered to 15,000 decision makers in the geographical location of your choosing...each email is designed to move the prospects closer to becoming a client. 

  • We provide 15k of prospect email data (GDPR compliant data) from our master file of 1.2 million business contacts). Each of the 5 HTML emails is sent to your 15,000 prospects over 4 months...you’ll have access to detailed tracking in real time via an on-line dashboard for each email we send for you. See https://www.marketing-4-results.co.uk/online-solutions/email-broadcasting/

  • An infographic explainer video on your website or a landing page of your choosing: this will massively increase your conversion rates for all website visitors from paid traffic. https://www.marketing-4-results.co.uk/managed-services/infographic-explainer-videos/

  • An endorsed marketing, advocacy or affiliate marketing campaign...this may need some explanation but it's a very easy way to generate new clients and we'll work with you to find the right endorsing partner or affiliate marketing provider.

  • A simple to implement referral scheme...responsible for £50k of new business for one of our past accountancy clients.

  • A lead generation campaign on Facebook and Instagram: something we hear all the time..."Facebook doesn't work for us: we've tried it...it's only for a business selling B-2-C”

    Most business' mistakenly think they can't reach their target market on Facebook…the reality behind this misconception is they have never used the multitude of lead generation processes that the FB ad manager platform offers or no-one has shown them how to reach their prospects using detailed and layered audience targeting. Facebook has the most sophisticated targeting processes to enable any business to reach their target market with FB ads meaning 98% of business' can reach & generate leads from senior decision makers in the B-2-B space. https://www.marketing-4-results.co.uk/online-solutions/social-media/

  • A fully managed Google Ads campaign: Paid Ads Across the Google Network (should I run Search ads? Display ads? Shopping Ads or Video ads on YouTube?)...it's a complicated platform!!

    The Google Network is massive: search ads, display ads and YouTube ads to name a few of the popular options.

    Search vs. Display: When you think of Google Ads, you probably think of the ads that show up when you search in Google.com. Those ads are on the Search Network. The Search Network gives advertisers the opportunity to display ads at the precise time when prospects are searching for their products or services.

    You can think of the Search Network like the old Yellow pages. Most prospects use Google.com to search and the Search Network is the new Yellow pages.

    The Display Network has nothing to do with searching on Google.com! The key difference is that when you target the Display Network, you’re not targeting prospects searching for your products or services;  You’re interrupting people as they visit one of the nearly 3 million websites in the Display Network.  That’s why display advertising is sometimes referred to as “Interruption Marketing”.

    We'll guide you through the choices, set up your campaign(s) and fully manage each campaign on your behalf...and you'll get £400.00 Google ads credit!! https://www.marketing-4-results.co.uk/online-solutions/google/

  • A series of direct mail communications that have been proven to win business for Accountants...don't forget direct mail in today's digital age (you'll stand out as different...think about the amount you now receive compared to five years ago). There are five communications aimed at acquiring high spend clients and three communications for acquiring lower spend clients...each direct mail communication in the series is designed to move the prospects closer to becoming a client. 

  • Each Direct mail communication includes irresistible offers, powerful risk reversal strategies,  compelling "calls to action" and a direct response mechanism. We also provide the prospect data within your geographic area and pre-screen with telesales for the purposes of the DM Campaigns.

  • CRM set-up, implementation of lead generation processes, set-up workflow emails, SMS workflows, bespoke workflows

    1) Ensuring all leads from whatever digital source are integrated into a Sales Management process within a CRM package that then automates the process of converting the prospect to a paying client. 

    Example CRM landing pages: 

  • https://thebaileygroup.co.uk/makeanenquiry.html

  • https://www.time4youfranchise.com/time-for-you-cleaning-business-opportunity 

  • https://www.marlacustomblinds.co.uk/franchise/franchise-business-facebook/ 

    • Ensuring all leads from whatever digital source are integrated into a sales management process dictated by a CRM package configured for your needs: this will automate the workflow process (SMS and email) of converting the prospect to a paying client. 
    • Creating copy for meaningful landing pages that act as a “selling pages” > website contact forms will integrate contacts into the CRM package for automated follow-up. 
    • Linking contacts from the CRM package into automated workflows within our mass email marketing clouded based system. 
    • Ensuring all website leads through contact forms (as a result of digital marketing activity) talk effectively to the CRM system and the automated processes.


  • A series of 11 reports on differing aspects of Accountancy which we use as part of lead generation & sales conversion processes: the reports are branded to your company and demonstrate your expertise in a range of service offerings.

 The Reports: 

  1. Controlling costs and cash flow
  2. Tax saving opportunities
  3. Financing Business Growth
  4. Making management accounts work for you
  5. Choosing the accounts package that’s right for you
  6. Preparing for your accountant...the do’s and don’ts
  7. Director’s responsibilities
  8. Accounting and economic models and techniques
  9. Boosting profitability
  10. Making budgets work
  11. Managing business risk
  • A series of “irresistible offers” that are proven to win accountancy work within large fee paying clients

  • A series of four marketing reports each packed full of additional marketing approaches, hints and tips that have been proven to work in at least ten differing service businesses

  1. Sales letters that work… the do’s and don’ts.
  2. Advertising your service business.
  3. Using risk reversal to destroy the competition.
  4. How to maximise sales and profits in any service business.
  • Each report is packed full of additional marketing approaches, hints and tips that have been proven to work in at least ten differing service businesses.