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Data Supply and Telemarketing

Supply of up-to-date contact lists, data cleaning, data appending and appointment setting.


Postal and Email Data Supply

Need A New Database? Full Postal, Telephone, Fax and Email "Point Of Contact" Data …Any Postcode Area, Any Industry Type.
Reach exactly the right people with a targeted business to business list.

Just tell us what you need and we’ll do the rest: let us know the geographical area, the town, the postcode, the county, the business type or job title.

Data Supplied In CSV or Excel Spreadsheet Format.

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Data Capture / Data Cleansing

Need To Cleanse Your Existing Data? Need To Gather Email Addresses For An Email Campaign?

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Appointment Setting / Telemarketing

Need Telephone Follow-Up For Your Marketing Campaigns?... Appointment Setting, Sales Calls 

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The entire reason for doing any kind of Telemarketing is to find new clients, obtain more business and see a return on your investment!

Be wary of large set up fees. Do you really want to pay £500 - £1000 just to set up a telemarketing project?

Say No to long contracts that keeps you tied into a telemarketing contract for six months to a year. There is no need to get into a contract. It's our belief that if you produce the results the Client will keep using your service.

How We Work?

We will focus our attention on increasing the number of leads you receive, growing the number of appointments you receive and generating buying clients for your business. Our Hourly rate is £35.00 per hour