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Business-2-Business Lead Generation toolkit


The B-2-B Lead Generation toolkit

Generating a steady flow of new clients for your business can seem daunting…are you experiencing growth barriers?

So many people that we meet don’t have a clear strategy and commitment to generating new leads for their business on a daily, weekly or monthly basis…instead they adopt inconsistent, ad-hoc one off projects rather than well- disciplined strategic approaches.


Of all the people involved in winning business:

44 percent give up after the first no
22 percent after the second no
14 percent after the third no
12 percent give up after the fourth no

…therefore 92 percent of all people involved in winning business give up after four no's

Yet 60% to 80% of customers will say no at least five times before they say yes.

Imagine a complete lead generation marketing toolkit with compelling offers ready to go and never feeling the stress of the lack of new business opportunities

With our B-2-B Lead generation toolkit you can achieve this and more!

Lead generation is the lifeblood of any business. You must have a system in place for generating a constant stream of high *quality* leads.

Below is a summary of the detail behind our B-2-B Lead Generation toolkit

Marketing is all about intensity, frequency and recency of impression & using as many lead generation tools as possible.


  • A series of 4 branded HTML emails delivered to 7000 targeted decision makers in the geographical location or market sector of your choosing…each email contains powerful offers, and are designed to move these prospects closer and closer to becoming a client.
  • We will provide 7000 prospect email addresses (GDPR compliant data) to tackle prospects that fit your ideal client profile. Each professionally designed HTML email is sent to the 7k prospects four times. We will use legitimate interest as a legal basis for contacting these prospects under GDPR. (4 x HTML designed, 4 x email sends to the 7000 email addresses).  
  • An endorsed marketing or advocacy campaign...this may need some explanation but it's a very easy way to generate new clients for any business.
  • A simple to implement referral scheme...responsible for £50k of new business for one of our past clients.
  • A series of direct mail communications that have been proven to win new business for a whole range of differing companies operating in different market sectors...don't forget direct mail in today's digital age you'll stand out as different...think about the amount you now receive compared to five years ago.
  • Appointment setting / Telemarketing: we’ll follow up each direct mail communication with Appointment Setting Calls for your sales team.
  • A fully managed Pay per Click (PPC) Google adwords campaign…it’s no secret that adwords is one of the most time-consuming and confusing platforms out there. We'll set up your google adwords campaign and manage the campaign on your behalf...you'll receive regular reports on progress of your campaign. We'll adjust bids based on performance and tweak your Google adverts and budgets accordingly. We'll inspect landing page performance & write new ads to keep things fresh as your campaign develops. Managing a single AdWords account can be a full-time job  but , we know the tricks to use with AdWords…how to use automated rules to change budgets and bids based on keyword cost fluctuations.

If you’re looking for new ways to generate leads for your business, give us a call 01536 412346 to discuss further.