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Utilise Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook to access a wider client base and provide an enhance customer service experience.

What can Facebook advertising do for your business? 


Facebook advertising is a great way to generate leads for any business…irrespective of whether you are selling a product or a service, Facebook enables you to reach just about any audience. 

Facebook impacts almost the entire population. In simple terms, ‘everyone’s on Facebook’. So it's relevant. However the Facebook algorithm is changing: Facebook are going to show you more stuff on your news feed from your friends and family and less stuff from business ‘pages’. This means that even fewer people are going to see the content you post on your business ‘page’. In truth, it was already very low, but you can expect it to become less going forward. 

In simple terms, the change means that hardly anyone is going to see the things you post on your business page in their newsfeed. So, the bad news is that Facebook is now effectively extinct as a marketing method…Unless, you use their ad platform

The good news is that the Facebook ad platform is, by some distance, one of the most powerful marketing tools every created. We use some clever software that integrates with the Facebook ad platform that allows us to target, with precision, the exact ideal customers a business requires and needs. 

Take Note: you can’t optimise your Facebook Ads by only creating one Ad! In order to create effective Facebook Ad campaigns that deliver real results, you need to test multiple variants for all aspects of your creative as well as different demographic targets.

We recommend testing at least 27 different versions of your adverts and split testing each to ascertain the ones that are most successful. If you want to be successful with Facebook ads then we need to look at: 

  1. Who your audience is?
  2. What is it that you are providing?…in terms of what your audience is going to receive
  3. Your offer: for any advertisement to be successful it needs to be be based on a compelling offer, be relevant to the audience and compelling enough to make it "shareable" 

When we run campaigns, we run at least 27 different ads with different copy, different images and different headlines in order to find out which ones are going to work best for you. We are going to tap into the fabulous sophistication that Facebook provides to optimise your ads and find the right people that are going to respond in the right way. 

We always recommend a test phase of between 14 & 21 days, and once complete, we’ll know which adverts are working best for you. Only then can we start to scale that up.


  1. The first thing we require is access to your Facebook account (username and password) 

  2. We then need to make sure that you have added a payment method within the settings tab…you control what you want to spend on Facebook in terms of advertising spend. (Limited to $1500 per month) 

  3. You need to have a privacy policy on your Website (there will be links to your Website from the adverts and FB will not publish your adverts unless you have this in place)

  4. The next requirement is to work with you to create three compelling subject lines, 3 sets of advertising copy and you need to provide us with three sets of imagery (650px by 400px: see attached example) The more powerful your offering within the adverts, the better the response.

  5. You then tell us your budget for the adverts and we discuss with you precisely who you need to see your adverts…once we have all this, we can move forward with your campaign.