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Retargeting is a clever form of advertising on the internet. It gives website owners the ability to display a banner ad directly to your website visitors after they have visited and then left your website.

It enables you to continue to promote your product or service to any visitor that has been to your site... but after they leave your website. 

How does it work?
Retargeting uses cookie technology to track prospects. When a user visits your website, a single line of code drops a cookie onto their computer. Using this technology we can follow that visitor’s onward browsing journey and target them with banners reminding them to they return to your site

(The cookies contain anonymous data are therefore are totally compliant with the latest privacy laws).

We will provide you with the code to add to your website (typically you will place this code in the same area as Google analytics)

Your adverts will appear on websites that your customers look at after they have visited your site. Essentially, your banners will follow them around the web.

Why does it work?

  • 98% of people leave websites without making a purchase. Retargeting aims to bring them back.
  • Studies have shown a company must interact at least 7 times with a web user before they turn into a customer. Repetition has always been a vital aspect of any marketing effort. Every time someone sees your advert, their chances of converting become higher.

What are the benefits of a retargeting campaign?

  1. The technology displays banner ads to web users who have already shown at least some amount of interest in your brand or service offering.
  2. Retargeting can produce click-through rates as high 15% for e-commerce sites.
  3. Visitors are more qualified when they arrive on your website; therefore, they’re more likely to buy. In essence, you are bringing back ‘window shoppers.’
  4. Increased Brand Awareness - the very fact that your ads follow your visitors on the journey around the web, increases the awareness of your brand.

How long will the campaign last?
This will depend on the number of visitors to your website but typically each campaign will follow c 50,000 visitors or if your website has less traffic, the campaign will last for 3 months following all your unique visitors.

For How Long is a Website Visitor Followed
Each visitor to your website is followed for Five days and your banner will appear on their browser whenever that visitor lands on any page of another website that sells advertising space on its site via agencies.

What Reporting Statistics Do You Receive?
We’ll provide you with login details to an on line dashboard to enable you to look at daily statistics:

You’ll see:

  • The Number of unique visitors to your site that are being followed.
  • The Number of clicks you are getting back to your site as a result of following these unique visitors with our re-targeting software.