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Contextual Advertising

What’s is it? ‘online banner' advertising that only appears on specific websites that feature articles or content written about your area of business or expertise. Alternatively the adverts will appear on websites that contains content that you wish your product or service to be associated with... and it’s proving to be a huge success.


Not many people have heard of contextual targeting before they started their campaigns but now they are doing it, they swear by it: generating more business without wasting money chasing people who aren’t interested.

You get a banner advertisement or skyscraper advertisement appearing on a range of differing sites (including The Guardian, Amazon, Ebay, The Telegraph etc)... and here’s the clever part... the banner advertisement only appears when the visitor goes to an area of that site that contains content that you wish to be associated with…we provide you with a range of 360 categories from which to choose:

Where will my ad appear? Only on sites that are directly relevant to you... you choose from 360 categories and it’s your selection that determines the sites where your ad appears. The mix will always consist of some really big sites like the major news sites combined with and more specialist sites.

Contextual advertising can appear on really big national news sites all the way through to small, specialist sites but it’s not the location that’s important, it’s the fact that you are controlling which article your ad appears against when you decide on the category (or subcategory!) that best suits you. Whilst the campaign is running we’ll monitor it to make sure it’s as successful as it can be and you’ll also be able to log-in to do the same.

Contextual Targeting allows advertisers to run banners ads on web pages which have direct relevance to their product. There are 23 main categories and 361 sub categories.

Click here to see the categories.

Contextual advertising is about the audience who see your ad, not where it’s placed. Whether you’ve heard of the websites before or not, the people reading about your business area are using these websites and these people are far more likely to click through to your site and buy than with other forms of non-targeted advertising. This is where online advertising can require a bit of a mind-shift from traditional advertising.

Advertising to people who are already reading about your chosen area really does generate high spending clients.

So what will it cost? Cost: £425

Ad Size: Leaderboard banner ad, with full animated copy design included in the rate

Campaign period: Approx 28 days or as long as it takes to generate 80,000 ‘Shows’ of your ad

Click thru rates from the 80,000 “Shows” of your ad will vary dependent on your markets.