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Get insights and real time alerts into who is visiting your website and what they are viewing or downloading enabling enhanced follow up communication.

eForensics empowers you to know who visits your website, what they are viewing and when they are on your website. The tracking history allows you to get an overall picture of what your visitors are interested in and therefore accelerates the conversion from lead to sale. Your website will provide you with real-time notifications when users visit your site: it could be a selected group or an individual visiting a domain or specific web page, giving you that edge for further prospect attention or automated contact.

Even if you don't sell products and services online, the web can be a rich source of leads and sales. The one-to-one customer intelligence captured by eForensics helps you get an unrestricted online view of customer behaviour, enabling you to gauge the interest and success of your online marketing campaigns.

eForsensics takes web analytics to the next level by linking contact details of the individual or company with their online behaviour. eForensics creates detailed profiles of your customers, prospects and groups.
What web forensics will do for you.

  • Keep track of your contact database when they revisit your website.
  • Let your website tell you when someone specific visits the website.
  • Integrate scheduling to automate response. 
  • Integrate with your CRM system for a complete overview of customer contact strategy.
  • An integrated solution to automate and track response to contact strategies