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Sales & Marketing Automation

Automate email communications based on customer preferences and notify sales forces of customer interaction with your website and communications.

114.gifSupercharge your Business with
Marketing Automation

If you’re looking to automate the way you handle leads, prospects and enquiries & how you convert those leads to clients then talk to us today. 

We know that 87% of SMEs struggle to find the time to effectively dedicate sufficient time to their marketing activity...that's when you need marketing automation.

We also know that most SMEs want to handle their sales opportunities in a way that maximises the likelihood of converting opportunities into clients.   

With this in mind we offer an affordable & user-friendly CRM platform that SMEs can use to manage all of their digital marketing activity to convert prospects into paying clients.  

Of all the people involved in winning business: 

44 percent give up after the first no
22 percent after the second no
14 percent after the third no
12 percent give up after the fourth no

…therefore 92 percent of all people involved in winning business give up after four no's. 

Yet 60% to 80% of customers will say no at least five times before they say yes. 

Reach More, Engage More, Sell More

From £3500 plus Vat, we'll create your CRM platform that automates all your workflows, email and SMS communications with every prospect...so you'll never need to worry about those endless phone calls and manual follow-ups by email to see if your prospect has made a decision.  

To see examples of  Workflow SMS and Email Communications visit any of these Landing pages and complete the form on the page:




  • We can also set-up campaigns to reach your potential clients across every digital channel...creating sales enquiries and opportunities.
  • We build landing pages that work and will write email communications that convert.  
  • You'll have access to all your prospect data in one place and a complete history of each and every contact you make with them through the workflows we create. 
Today’s digital landscape is one of shifting sands: Finding a solid stream of prospects and converting them into paying clients can be tough but the good news is that you don't have to if you look into Marketing Automation