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Sales & Marketing Automation

Automate email communications based on customer preferences and notify sales forces of customer interaction with your website and communications.

114.gifSupercharge your Business with
Marketing Automation

If you’re looking to automate the way you generate leads and convert those leads to clients then talk to us today. 

We know that 87% of SMEs struggle to find the time to really reach out to new potential customers and dedicate sufficient time to their marketing activity...that's when you need marketing automation.

We also know that most SMEs want an effective way to create a steady stream of inbound leads that they can turn into sales opportunities.

With this in mind we offer an affordable & user-friendly platform that SMEs can use to create & manage all of their digital marketing campaigns.

Reach More, Engage More, Sell More

For a monthly cost of £299, you can use our marketing automation platform to:

  • Find and reach all of your potential customers across every digital channel
  • Create sales enquiries and opportunities
  • Identify your website visitors and then track their activity on your site
  • Build and send email broadcasts, social posts and landing pages
  • Store and manage all of your customers’ information
Today’s digital landscape is one of shifting sands: Finding a solid stream of customers and holding onto them can be tough but how can a small business owner even begin to keep track all of the different marketing channels that are out there...well the good news is that you don't have to if you look into Marketing Automation