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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Cleverly manage your business, consolidate your communication with Clients, Suppliers and Prospects.

Our platform capabilities allow the creation of powerful business processes quickly and easily. Administrators can define teams, control access rights to modules and fields, change the homepage layout or modify existing screens with the layout editor. Administrators can cut, slice and filter to compare data easily with advanced search simplifying management and forecasting. With simple yet powerful workflow tools giving users the ability to create and enforce business rules our platform offers the ability to create custom fields within a given module, or create an entire new module with Module Builder feature.

Its capabilities enables the expression engine to make more complex customisations to any module. Administrators no longer need to make code-level customisations but instead can use simple commands to make complex upgrades. In summary, speed of implementation has the following impact.

  • Simply drag and drop for easy configuration
  • Integrate custom, calculated, dependent, and related fields, as well as custom modules
  • Streamline business processes to match business requirements
  • Reveal and protect information based on user role and profile
  • Share and add additional modules based on company needs