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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Cleverly manage your business, consolidate your communication with Clients, Suppliers and Prospects.

Customer_Relationship_Management_(CRM)_Software_Development_in_Nashik_wowinfotech.jpgOur platform capabilities allow the creation of powerful business processes quickly and easily.

Your CRM will be developed, following full consultation to ensure it works alongside your business goals (5 user licence to start), we’ll train those that need the training and show you how the CRM integrates with our email marketing software. 

Administrators can define teams, control access rights to modules and fields, change the homepage layout or modify existing screens with the layout editor.

At Marketing 4 Results we not only show you how to grow your business, we do all the work for you.

We’ll customise your CRM package to your precise requirement , create the workflow emails, the SMS messages. 

Why our CRM offering is different 

Most businesses are presented with a confusing and vast amount of options when choosing a CRM. If you choose to DIY or elect for "an off the shelf" package like Monday, Salesforce or ZOHO you are presented with the unconfigured product: most have great difficulty setting the system up to work the way they do.

Another option is to choose a truly bespoke system (custom coded): Such options start at £10,000 plus hosting costs.

With us, we first get to know your needs by consulting with you, advising on best practice, flowcharting, identifying software and configuring it as needed.

Hosting from £200.00 per month (following development stage) includes 10k per month email send allowance (workflows): five user licence. Price may vary depending on your performance security and backup needs. 


CRM PluginsCRM Plugins

CRM PluginsCRM Plugins