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Social Media

Utilise Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook to access a wider client base and provide an enhance customer service experience.

What can a social media package do for your business?


“It’s better to think of social media tools as amplifying customer opinion rather than improving it.” Joshua Porter

Many companies overlook the importance of a social media presence... our social media package provides your company with a facebook business page, a twitter account and LinkedIn company page all linked together and branded accordingly.

What can a social media package do for your business?
Put simply, a good social media presence will help your natural Search Engine ranking: The search engines like the social media platforms. By demonstrating that you have these methods of communication with your customers, Google and other search engines will naturally rank your website higher than those that do not have a social media presence.

We can implement a system that links your blog updates directly to your Twitter and Facebook pages meaning that one bit of information will go a long way.

Social media packages are not just about reaching out to a new audience it’s about showing Google that you’re willing to be “on-trend”... In return, Google will reward you with a higher natural ranking.

We can also monitor requests for information via your social media platform and automatically update your profiles with relevant posts, articles and information on your company.